Finding Security & Fulfilment Outside The 9-5.

I was very excited to sit down with Olivia and Alvaro as a guest on their There Is Another Way podcast. 

We discuss how I struggled to find fulfillment in my 9-5 male dominated corporate jobs, how I got out of it. Why it is so important to have multiple streams of income (regardless if you’re a 9-5er OR entrepreneur), and how having location independence is such a wonderful thing! 

Talking with these two wonderful individuals reminded me of why I chose this path, and you can too.

Listen now!!

Here are some highlights:

·       [04:26]  How it is harder to advance or get equal pay as a female in male dominant corporate sectors.

·       [11:20]  Importance of having multiple sources of income.

·       [22:00]  The right time to make the decision to give up your 9-5 and become an entrepreneur.

·       [37:20]  Synopsis of the first Personal Vision Workshop 2021 by Jessilyn Persson

·       [50:00]  The biggest challenge I’ve had as an entrepreneur.

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