Living Your BEST Financial Life

Jessilyn Persson is not your average entrepreneur. After 15+ years in the corporate and public sector, this visionary woman decided to leave her highly successful career as a Project Management Professional and became one of the founding members of Legacy Global, as well as a full-time investment banker, real estate investor, speaker and educator, specifically for women.

Jessilyn takes complex, often confusing topics of wealth and worth and breaks it down into immediately useful and digestible ways for women to improve their relationship with money. This soon-to-be author has the insights and hard-earned wisdom that comes only from real-world experiences: “At one point I was dealing with workplace harassment, building a side business, and raising my two young boys. I was deeply unhappy. I knew something needed to change”. 

By using her strong prowess of leadership, expertise in financial education and real estate investing, she educates and supports women to create a vision and a plan that can transform their life. “I want women to have a life full of abundance, and that starts with their relationship to money, wealth, and worth”.

Jessilyn holds a Bachelor of Management Degree, Project Management Certification, and Financial Life Professional certification. 


Take charge of your financial stability.

We want to get you to where you want to be financially. But first we need to locate where you are. 

8 weeks: Here is where you are, here’s what you need to get you there, here’s the path. 

90 Day Action Plan 

Organize Your Financial Life

The Vault

Become financially invincible by knowing what you have, where it is and that is safe and ready to action at any moment.  

2021 Kickstart!

Kickstart 2021 with your Personal Vision! I am so excited to share this workshop with you! It is 90 minutes and only $25, which all goes to charity!