Living Your Juiciest Life Ever!

Jessilyn Persson spent over 20 years in the corporate and public sector. When Jessilyn “made it” and made a large income and was still unhappy, she knew she had to make a change. When she made the shift, it felt like a weight was lifted off of her. She felt free. When she realized that money wasn’t the answer, she had to dig deep to find out what she truly valued. That was not easy at first but when she did, it shifted everything in her life. When this visionary woman decided to leave her highly successful career as a Project Management Professional she became one of the founding members of Legacy Global, a founding member of MUPO Entertainment, a Real Estate Investor, Speaker, and an Educator.

By using her strong prowess of leadership, expertise in financial education and real estate investing, Jessilyn educates and supports women to create a vision and a plan that can transform their lives. A strong and powerful force in the business world but even more, a big heart with big vision not only for herself but of other women as well.

I had the pleasure of discussing my journey with Kate Unger on her podcast “Living Your Juiciest Life Ever!’

You can listen to it here!

2021 Kickstart!

Kickstart 2021 with your Personal Vision! I am so excited to share this workshop with you! It is 90 minutes and only $25, which all goes to charity!