Overcoming Fear, Obstacles and Adversity

I had the opportunity to have a virtual sit-down with Don Rossom as a guest on his podcast. Don and I discussed my personal story of overcoming the fear of speaking and being in the spotlight. Once I conquered that, another curve-ball, (AKA COVID-19) made me, and the rest of us pivot AGAIN! So now you’re telling me I can’t be on a stage but I have to record myself on video? 

Stress, anxiety, and rejection all these things hinder how we deal with risks and overcoming obstacles. Have a listen of this enlightening and entertaining conversation I got to have with Don.

Listen now!

Here are some highlights:

·       [03:05]  Fear of speaking and being in the spot light    

·       [06:17]  Fear of getting on video and recognizing the fear

·       [17:15]  Adjusting to speaking in person vs virtually

·       [26:40]  Suggestions to listeners: Dig deep and just do it; find a mentor

·        [35:05]  Prepare for the future and you will be stronger

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