Super Mom
Super Me

Super Mom Super Me” flies in the face of most self-help/motivation books written for women. Rather than preach women the ways to stop procrastination, negative self-talk or low self-esteem, this book assumes that readers suffer from none of the above, but are accomplished, confident and motivated.

“I wrote this book for women who have done the work, who have schooled themselves in the habits of winners and have succeeded in many ways,” author Jessilyn Persson explains.

“This book explores the cultural myths that need to be unlearned in order for successful Moms and Wives to truly have it all beyond their current accomplishments,” she adds. “My goal is to help women who are at 80% to reach 100%!”

Being a Super Mom is a great goal, but there is more to any woman. Why not also be a Super Me? The first five myths relate to the interior life of a modern woman. The final five myths, once dispelled, lead to practical, “exterior” ways for the modern mom to find the time and inspiration to fully express herself as a fabulous female

About the Author

Combining financial expertise in real estate investing with advanced project management prowess and hard-won wisdom, international speaker Jessilyn Persson is a modern thought leader passionate about elevating women’s lives.

This inspiring author of the soon-to-be-published book, SUPER MOM SUPER ME, is a catalyst for transformation, supporting clients in defining their ideal life vision and intentionally creating it, living by design.

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